Paestum Cilento, Italy
Paestum Cilento, Italy

Spa of Food.



Balance between man and nature.
An experimental lab, consistent with the territory, that allows us to offer unique products for their specificity and traceable production chain. A different cuisine that focuses on biodiversity, enclosed in the hands of small producers, true guardians of ancestral knowledge of the land. We choose to work, every day, with organic and biodynamic farms practicing forms of natural farming. Ours is a menu “without asterisks”, which means all products #naturally seasonal.


We explore

In search of the concept.
We find out what makes you feel fully satisfied of culinary culture of the area, but not only, what sends you pleasant memories of the past. No longer just food to be consumed for survival, but real emotional investment to taste, smell, remember and, above all, #share.



The kitchen is interpretation.
We take care of our dishes, dusting off traditional recipes, and then read them in personnel key, while preserving their memory. Recipes that make us feel good, we cuddle, we recall a time home, childhood and beyond. Authentic recipes, that warm heart and evenings, cooked and revised in order to preserve the flavors. We are proud to present this new concept of gastronomy and hospitality, ranging from organic wine to a bio and echo information garrison.



The design around us.
To complete the emotional suggestions arising from the recipes, feelings and memories that are revived and described, could not miss the atmosphere that you live in the local, refined but not demanding. The formalities are only those families that transform the evenings in moments of sincere friendliness and sharing. Many influences of creative recycling and here the #upcycling, one of our virtuous practices through which a "thing" to be thrown away is transformed into something else - unlike recycling - takes on a higher value, with benefits in terms of energy and materials. Apply this idea to the world of fashion is not complex, indeed. It is, perhaps, one of the areas where the upcycling potential emerge more prominently.



Beauty will save the world.
Not a simple advertising slogan, but a real leitmotiv. From here we want to begin, to the famous quote of Prince Myshkin in The Idiot by Dostoevsky, because we believe that the real answer to the ugliness that grips our region is the art push, unleashing a series of "attacks" divided into blocks of 12 [months] to 15 [days each]. Eat more Art, the operation name fielded by the army of Pari #Biosteria of Paestum. We’ll don’t put flowers in our gun, but colors, many colors, to decorate white rooms and gray buildings, to restore luster to a city that still gives, hidden in the shadow of the ancient city walls, evidence of a civilization rich of beauty and culture.



Places of soul.
Every dish is the result of a process that comes from a any provocation.
The idea is the soul of the plate and becomes for us project, uniting many life experiences.
This is why we believe in a personal and innovative kitchen, between what already exists and what will be.


At the table!

Art is one of the means that unites men.
The board is meeting, intersections, comparisons, joy, ritual, synonymous with confidence, closeness, sharing. That's why the kitchen is art. And that's why the decoration on the table is for us one of the basic elements of the rite of our cuisine. Since Humanism research of feeling good at the table was paid to the decoration of the place, as pleasure exaltation, a conviviality that is also in the hospitality, friendship and desire to communicate their pleasure of Beauty. And all this we want to communicate through our journey, all built around this great human and artistic history.

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